A Quick Review of 5 UWELL Vape Cigarette Wholesale Products 


UWELL is one of the leading e cigarette wholesale suppliers specializing in various vaping devices designed with comfort and quality. UWELL provides vaping products for beginner, intermediate, and frequent vapers. The UWELL vape cigarette wholesale products are among the most positively reviewed and sought-after. From the various sub-brands, you can get the product that will suit your needs. So many products are waiting for you and worth your money, but we will only review five in this article.

5 UWELL vape cigarette wholesale products

The company sells dozens of vape cigarette wholesale sub-brands. Are you wondering what to start shopping as you start your vape cigarette venture, or are you looking for a new vape product? Whatever the case, you will have found what you want at the end of this article. Below is a look into five of the best-selling vape cigarette brands by UWELL;


This is a pod system featuring a great style and good vaping flavors. The pod system is great for beginner vapers because it is simple to use, affordable, and can serve as a fashion accessory. It features a unique dual-layer plastic shell and a 3D e-liquid window design. This pod system is compact, durable, and with a perfectly matching battery. Furthermore, the pod system features a Pro-FOCS flavor adjustment technology that can handle more than ten refills and restores the e-liquid flavor.


This fashionable pod system provides an exquisite interaction experience. It is ideal for various vapers, including beginners and experienced ones. The pod system features a dazzling light and futuristic cyberpunk design. It is available in four colors and features the incredible UWELL Pro-FOCS flavor adjustment technology. Furthermore, it offers precise airflow adjustment, is top filling, features an e-liquid window, and is lightweight.


This e-cigarette is designed to fit your lips, soothe your hands, and as a fashion accessory. The e-cigarette boasts an elegant and compact design, stable and effortless performance, and the Pro-FOCS technology for authentic e-liquid flavor. It is available in six colors and has an attractive, attention-grabbing flower-shaped LED indicator. The KALMIA e-cigarette is also easy to use, lightweight, and fast-charging.


This UWELL e-cigarette brand boasts an adjustable airflow and output for personal flavor needs. In addition, its airflow inlet is situated on the cartridge’s side to prevent leaking. The silicone filling port also prevents e-liquid leakage. Like most UWELL e-cigs, it features the Pro-FOCS technology that adjusts the e-liquid flavor. The HAVOK V1 is a straightforward product to use, all you need to do to refill your e-liquid is slide the tip cap.


This e-cigarette features adjustable airflow, and it is easy to use, convenient, and compatible with various coils for a full range of flavors. The AEGLOS H2 also features self-cleaning technology and in-time condensation-collection. Furthermore, the vaping device is lightweight with an ergonomic design, fast charging, and robust.


These UWELL vape cigarette wholesale products listed above are available in various colors. You can find them on the official UWELL website alongside several other incredible vaping products. They also feature varying price ranges.

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