Why The Best Menards Garage Door Springs Are The Need Today?


First of all, Menards has always been dedicated to offering excellent products. The menards garage door springs are the need today because they have great features that make them the best garage door springs for today.

Torsion spring winding is no more dangerous with the use of EZ-Set® torsion springs, which have been advised for do-it-yourselves. When you’re winding regular torsion springs, they can release, which might result in severe injuries. Whereas in EZ-Set®, no manual winding is required therefore there is no risk of harm. You simply require a regular power drill.

Apart from that, they are known for providing exceptional customer service which includes helping with orders, providing product information, and assisting customers with many other issues. They are also known for the affordable prices of products. This is probably the reason why their products are a need today.

Features of Menards Garage Door Springs

  • These springs are manufactured with ASTM A229 Class II oil-tempered wire and last for 15,000 life cycles.
  • They use A229 steel wires for fabricating torsion springs. It is a moldable non-alloy form of carbon.
  • 1 unit can hold up to 215 pounds of door weights, and 2 units can hold over 400 pounds of door weights.
  • The door springs are made out of steel for maximum durability.
  • These springs do not require manual winding.
  • Using the ASTM A229 Class II oil-tempered steel makes the garage door springs stay flexible, sturdy, and solid.

Advantages of Menards Garage Door Springs

  • The Menards door torsion springs are much sturdier and function more smoothly as compared to extension springs.
  • This door spring is more effortless and safer to install.
  • The springs come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The springs are of high quality, affordable price, and long-lasting.
  • The garage door torsion springs are readily available in a wide range of sizes to fit both domestic and industrial garage doors.
  • The torsion springs can be used in the majority of broad garage doors made of steel or wood

How Can I Buy Menards Garage Door Springs

  • You can buy Menards garage door springs by ordering from the website.
  • You can visit the website and order Torsion Springs of 1-3/4″ till 6″ Inside Diameter with Wire Size varying from 0.192 to 0.393″.
  • The Springs are suited for every United States Garage Door makers.
  • Simply visit the website and select the garage door spring as per your requirements. You can also choose the filter option for finding the products easily.
  • For ordering you need to enter the following details about the spring- Inside Diameter, Wire Size, Spring Wind Direction, and Spring Length
  • Then choose the product and place your order by making the payment.


Bestar have door springs available for a wide range of sizes. They are an ISO 9001 certified garage door spring manufacturer and garage door spring supplier. Bestardoor.com is a reliable garage door springs supplier. Go ahead and buy some products from there for your next garage door purchase. You’ll be wowed by their services. Don’t forget to get your free quote from them today.

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